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Using Educational games for Better Learning

Over the last several years, the use of educational games to enhance quality of teaching and learning has increased considerably. Nowadays, there are thousands of Smartphone and tablet apps created for assisting preschool kids learn in a more entertaining and interactive way. While the debate concerning whether to fully implement mobile games for children in preschool is still underway, the benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks. Here are some of the benefits of using preschool learning games:


Educational games offer social interaction

Using mobile games to help kids in preschool learn about math and spelling can be a very effective learning tool since they promote engagement between children and parents. According to researchers, preschool kids who complete various activities using a tablet or mobile phone and repeat the same process to demonstrate to their parents participate in essential communication time. This not only strengthens the skill or less they have learned, but it also creates important communication between children and parents. The best way to maximize this benefit is by engaging with your kids while they are playing the educational games, rather than using it like a babysitter. Good mobile games or apps must facilitate better conversation between children and parents during play, instead of inhibiting it.


Preschool learning games make learning fun

Studies show that preschool learning games promote better learning experiences since they are not only educational but also entertaining. Disguising a spelling or math lesson like a game will make the child interested in finishing it and also increasing the chance that he will wish to do more lessons. Additionally, level-based educational games that reward kids at the end of every level offer incentive for increasing knowledge and accuracy. Your child will also gain from increased vocabularies by about 30% over the duration of one month.


Educational games are sustainable

The use of preschool learning games for spelling and math can also protect the earth. Actually, the mobile learning approach offers more sustainability than conventional learning, which normally incorporates lots of pencils and paper materials. In contrast, doing a prek lesson on mobile games does not need any new learning materials, simply download a new app. Mobile games for preschool learning is definitely beneficial for the environment and may lead to lesser trees being cut down for paper production.

Besides the prek children who are actually playing the educational games, teachers and parents also benefit. They can use the games when relaxing. However, it is essential that the mobile games are not used like babysitters, and this form of learning must never completely replace engaging or interactive lessons.

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